PNM is a public utility company specialized in production of energy. It is serving more than 400 thousand clients of Texas as well as northern Mexico. Along with providing electricity services, it also laid emphasis on saving the environment. They provide tips on how to save electricity & to reduce the negative impacts on environment. It offers various payment options for its customers that reduces their burden related to payment. You can easily avail such services by getting yourself registered online at their official website. For further assistance you can visit the link .


How to get register with

For availing benefits of online services, you are required to sign up at After creating a registered account, you can login to the account using registered user name & password. From this online account, you can make bill payment, view your current as well as past bills, view the transaction history and manage the account online by making necessary changes. Following is the procedure prescribed for registration:

  • Go to the link
  • Click on Sign up link appearing under the ?log in to my account? tab to get registered or login/signup link appearing at top of the page.

my account

  • In the next page enter the relevant information such as your PNM account number & ZIP code & click on ?Continue? tab to move further to the next step.
  • In the next step verify your identity & follow the further instructions provided at the page until the registration process is completed.
  • A confirmation screen will appear at the end ensuring that you have been registered at


Benefits of registration

As discussed earlier you can avail various benefits of registration explained below:

  • You get an access to your online account 24/7
  • You can view & pay your bills anytime during the day
  • You can enroll yourself for paperless option
  • You can avail any number of copies of your bills
  • You can view usage history
  • You can enroll yourself for automatic payment option
  • You can make changes in your profile information anytime


Payment options

You are provided with various payment options that can be selected as per your convenience. The payment methods includes online payment, payment using phone service, payment in person by visiting the store, automatic payment option and payment through mail.? It is not necessary that for all methods you need an online registered account. Some methods can be used without internet such as phone service, mail service & payment in person. There are many customers who do not prefer sharing their financial information online. They can use these payment services for submitting payment to Let?s discuss the methods of payment in detail:


Online payment

It is a very simple process of making payment. You are required to get registered first with Now you can login to your registered account using your registered id & password for making payment. Following is the process:

  • Visit the link
  • Click on ?Login to my account tab? for signing in to your registered account

account tab

  • In the next page enter your registered user id & password & click on ?Login? tab to proceed further.


  • After logging in to your account go to bill payment section
  • Enter the payment details along with bill amount
  • Verify the information before finally submitting it. If everything is correct submit the payment
  • A confirmation screen will appear ensuring that payment has been accepted successfully.


Automatic payment

You can register yourself for this option through your registered account. Login to your registered account & choose the automatic payment option. After enrolling yourself you can set a schedule of payment & provide payment details through which you want deduction to be made. Now each month payment will be deducted automatically from your account. You are not required to remember due dates & login to your account every time for making payment on each due date. You will be sent a message after deducting payment from your checking account. You can wish to make manual payment anytime by cancelling your enrollment. You can also get enrolled by sending a mail at following address:

Automatic Payment
Main Offices
Albuquerque, NM 87158-0525


Payment through phone

You can also use phone option for making payment. You are required to make a call at Tel:?1-877-509-5938 & follow the instructions provided on the phone. You should gather the relevant information in advance before making a call so that any kind of interruption can be avoided. You will be asked your account number & checking account details through which you want to make a payment. After the payment is submitted you will be given a reference receipt number as an evidence of payment.


Payment through mail

The payment can also be submitted through mail at following postal address. Payment can be made through check or money order. You should avoid sending payment in cash form as it involves a risk of misplacement. Also ensure that account number is written at the back of check so that payment is posted against right account.

right account

Payment in person

You can also personally go to the authorized payment center of to make the payment. The payment can be submitted at customer desk or can also be dropped in the drop box placed at store. It will take 2-3 days in processing the payment submitted at store. The payment can also be submitted at Well Fargo locations & western union locations. Such locations can be found out by visiting at following links


Paperless billing

You can select the paperless billing option if you do not want to receive paper bills. You are required to sign in to your registered account to get yourself registered for this option. This option is recommendable as it gives you a 24/7 access to your bills & have positive impact on environment due to less use of paper.


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