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Louisville government regulates the working of Louisville water. It is the company serving many customers living in Louisville by supplying water. The bills are sent to the customers every month for availing water services. Louisville has offered number of ways for making payment against bills. You can select any mode of payment as per your requirement. For more details you can visit the link www.louisvillewater.com & get necessary assistance.

Registration at Louisvillewater.company

For availing online payment & other services of Louisvillewater.company, you are required to firstly get registered at Louisvillewater.com. The registration will enable you to manage your account online, make online bill payment, update profile information etc. Many online benefits can be availed through registration. Let?s discuss the process of registration:

  • Go to the link louisvillewater.com
  • Following screen will get open. Click on View account tab appearing at right side of the screen
  • Following screen will appear. You are required to go to first time user section & select click to register a new user link.


  • In the next page fill information asked as shown in following screen. Create your profile & click on register tab to complete the registration process

Payment options offered by Louisvillewater.company

The payment of bills is a very cumbersome process. To resolve this problem, Louisvillewater.company has offered many payment methods so that bill payment becomes an easy task. The payment methods include auto payment, online payment, payment through mail, payment using phone service & payment in person. You can choose any method for making payment. For availing online & auto payment option you are required to get register first at www.louisvillewater.com. But for other modes of payment registration is not required. Following are the methods discussed in detail:

Online payment

The online payment can be made using onetime payment method or login payment method. Under onetime payment method you are not required to sign in to your account. You are also not required to get register with Louisvillewater.company. You will be required your account number to make the direct payment. Go to the link http://www.louisvillewater.com/customers/billing-and-payments & click on Debit/Credit card payments link to make onetime payment. Following screen will appear where you are required to enter the details asked & click on continue tab. Follow the instructions until the completion of payment process. You cannot make payment more than $500 per day using onetime payment option.

Another method is login payment method under which you are required to sign in to your online registered account for making payment. Following procedure shall be followed:


  • In the following screen you are required to enter your registered user id & password & click on login tab
  • Follow the instructions until the payment process is completed. After sign in to your account enter the payment amount & source of payment
  • Verify the information added & finally submit the payment after ensuring that everything is correctly entered
  • A confirmation screen will appear ensuring that payment has been successfully submitted.


Auto payment method

You can choose to make payment automatically using checking or saving account details provided by you. You are required to sign in to your registered account & choose enrollment towards auto pay option. This option is available under Billing & payment tab appearing at the top of the screen. Follow the instructions until the enrollment process is completed. After getting enrolled, you can make a schedule of payment and every month payment will be deducted as per the decided schedule. A confirmation will be sent to your registered email id providing details of payment made. You will be relieved from the hassle of signing in to your account every month on due date & make the payment. The enrollment can be cancelled anytime you wish to make manual payments.


Payment through phone

Louisville Water Company is providing automated phone system for making payment against water bills. You are required to make a call at Tel:844-201-8813 & follow the instructions provided until the completion of payment. You should carry your account number & payment details before making call so that information can be immediately provided. After the payment is accepted, a receipt number shall be given to you as an assurance that payment has been successfully accepted by them.


Payment through mail

If you do not have internet access at your home or do not want to share your banking information online, you can go for mail service of Louisville water for submitting payment. You are required to prepared check or money order of prescribed bill amount after writing account number at its back. The payment through mail should not be sent through cash. The check should not be stapled or covered by tape. The payment must be sent to following address:

Louisville Water Company
Attention: Cashiers Office
P.O. Box 32460
Louisville, KY 40232-2460


Payment in person

You can choose to make payment at nearby location using check, money order or cash mode. Find out the nearest location & visit there to submit the payment. A receipt will be given to you after payment has been submitted. Following link will help you to find the preferred location where you can visit easily for depositing payment:?https://www.53.com/atm/branchatm


E bill option

You can enroll yourself for e-billing option as a result of which no manual bill will be sent to you. The enrollment option is available under Billing & payment tab appearing at the top of the page. The bill will be sent to you through mail or you can sign in to your account to view the bill. The greatest benefit of this service is that you have the access to view bills anytime using your registered online account. You can cancel the enrollment by signing in to your online account whenever you wish to receive manual bills.

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