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Duke Energy is USAs largest electric energy company; with the headquarters situated in Charlotte, N.C. The company owns the production capacity of 57,500 megawatts with the total assets (as on Aug15) of $118.5 billion serving approximately 7.3 million U.S. customers. The company has been in the service for 150+ years now and expanding its operations on continuous basis in more resourceful power plants, smart grid technologies and innovative programs and services. If we talk about the companys goal, its not about being becoming bigger, but being best at providing services. Though the scale and strength of the operations are widened but the costs are maintained for the customers with the social responsibility of lowering the environmental effects of its plants.


For billing as well as payments, several options have been provided to the customers to choose as per their suitability.

  • Firstly, the link opens to select the state where you are situated, which minimizes the effort to search for your postal address.
  • Then the choice has to be made between residential and business customers to simplify the process.
  • If the user already has an account, click on Register for online services with username and password for further action.
  • If the customer does not have account, then he can register himself by visiting the link duke-energy.com/authenticate follow the registration process as follows. Fill the information asked & click on register tab to complete the registration process.

Billing options

  1. E bill– online paperless bills are generally promoted to get rid of the papers and the payment is immediately posted.
  • First we need to register ourselves to start the online service.
  • Click on Enroll in E-bill; enter in the details which further would give the payment options. For business customers, this is the only choice available for billing.
  1. Budget billing– this is designed for the customers to pay average fixed amount every month. The meter reading will be taken each month and actual consumption will be shown in the bill. The budget billing amount will be calculated taken as the average of the consumption in the last twelve months inclusive of all the taxes.

The difference between these two will be taken as a deferred balance. Click on this –Login and enroll in budget billing and continue for payment.

  1. Seasonal Rate– this becomes most effective for seasonal customers who are away for some months from the city, so rather than to disengage the services, they can pay a nominal charge every month to continue. This proves cheaper than a reconnection charge.

Payment options


For making payment using online services, the customer is required to visit the link www.duke-energy.com & click on Bill & Payment tab appearing at left side of the page. Choose the location where your account is located to avail better services. Get registered for availing online services.

Monthly Automatic Draft– After registering with the company, this option becomes the most convenient for payments. On the due date of the bill, every month the amount will be deducted from the customers mentioned source of payment. The bill will show the date when the amount will be debited. The customer is required to enroll for automatic payment system by signing in to his registered account.

  • Visit the website of Duke-energy at link duke-energy.com
  • Complete the online bank draft form.
  • Log in to automatic draft link.
  • The bill amount will be deducted from the account mention and credited to dukes bank account automatically.

Credit Card/Electronic Check (EZ-Pay) – this is a fast and easy method to pay online or by phone. Either through the payment site or the toll-free phone numbers can be used to make payment. This provides various options to use visa, master card or discover card. How to start-

  1. Required duke energy 10 digit account number handy. If no account number, then click on Pay bill, it will direct to the following page to continue payment.
  2. For payment by check, checking account number and bank routing number are required.
  3. In case of debit or credit card, the card account number and expiration date be handy.

In person payments-the customer has choice of making payment in person at nearby location. Many payment locations are available to pay the bill either in cash, check or money order. The customer is required to find out nearby location by visiting the link www.duke-energy.com . The customer should carry necessary details with him while making payment & keep the payment receipt as a record for future evidence after paying the bill.

Payment by mail: For choosing the mailing option, it is always advisable to mention the account number at the back of check or money order .The customer must consider at least five business days before due date while sending payment through mail. Mailing address is as follows:

Bill Payments
P.O. Box 1004
Charlotte, NC 28201-1004

Overnight or Express Mail
Duke Energy
10101 Claude Freeman Dr. N-230
Charlotte, NC 28262

General correspondence/corporate
Duke Energy
P.O. Box 14042
St. Petersburg, FL 33733

Phone Services:

The customer can also use phone service for making payment. The toll-free 866-374-5376 can be used for payment options or any other help. He will follow the instructions provided by customer service representative & provide information asked by him. After the completion of payment process a confirmation number will be provided which can be kept as future evidence.

Changes in bill due date:

To avoid duplication of the routes for the meter readers, the specific day is changed for reading which consequently will change the billing due date also. Clicking on the link Billing Update will mention all the necessary details.

Paperless billing

The customer can also opt for paperless billing by signing in to his registered account. When customer chooses to pay electronically, he is automatically enrolled for paperless billing. An email will be sent as reminder every month to customer for making bill payment. You can do it through wwwwww.duke energy.compage.

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