banks payment, a big name in the banking industry was founded in 1812 in New York. In the urban areas including New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, Boston, Houston etc the bank branches are concentrated. With their banking transactions, the bank has also expanded the trade in sectors of insurance, credit cards and other investment products, serving around 15 million users.

Online registration with payment

The online services enable the users through

  • View the account details and get immediate access to the account
  • Check the payment history anytime
  • Make payments for your credit card bills within minutes
  • Monthly statements to be received online by choosing the paperless billing options and email alerts are sent regularly when the bill is ready
  • Any of the concerns are safely answered through the message centre of the bank
  • They can apply for thank you rewards points and then can redeem them
  • Email alerts are sent when any transaction is done on the account and even reminders before the payments are due
  • Updates are sent on the account balances weekly

You can follow the steps to get access to the online account

Register Now

  • If a new customer, then click on “Register Now” on the right end of the page.


  • The next page will prompt to select the type of account you have, whether banking or credit card account.


  • Press Verify and continue
  • The next page will ask to enter the user id to be used for accessing the account and some security questions for the account safety
  • Submit all details and a confirmation is sent that the registration is completed

After the online id is created the customers can access their accounts by following few points like:

For banking users:

  • After signing in the account, they require to enter the Citibank Banking Card (16 digit ATM/debit card, which you have received on email after opening the account
  • A 4 digit Personal ID Number
  • The banking account number or the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number

For Credit card users:

  • CVV number (the last 3 digits on the back of Master card and Visa cards) or CSS the security code (4 digits on the front of American Express cards)
  • Date of Birth
  • The last 4 digits of your Social Security Number
  • Security Word- this is chosen while registering for the online services

Set up Electronic billing at payments (E Bills)

This electronic method of the paper bill is a free of cost service to the users, which are at the same time convenient for them and environment friendly. The users can see and pay bills online anytime, from anywhere.

The customers can either call the customer service department for its enrollment or apply online. Online process will require following steps to be followed:

As you log in to my Citi account using the link   under the payments section, click on See/ change/ delete payees under the manage payees tab.


  • A blue icon will appear before the payee name which provides the e bill service

payee name

  • Click on the icon. It will ask your account information to be entered and then click on Enroll
  • Once the enrollment is done, a green icon will appear before the payee. An email confirmation is also sent that the e bill registration is completed and the notifications are sent timely whenever bills are ready to be viewed

Bill payment methods at

The customers are given various options to pay their bills as per their convenience, as explained follows-

1. Express Payments-

This payment plan helps to save time of the user by even paying 12 bills at once

  • After signing in the account by entering the user id and password, the next page will for payments.

user id

  • Under the payment section, click on “Make express Payments”, you will be redirect to:
  • Select the Payees

Make express Payments

  • Then click next
  • The next page will prompt to select the account (whether savings or checking) from which payment has to be made, the amount to be paid and the date on which it should be scheduled and press next.


  • Verify the details as entered and click on next


  • The next page will show all the details of the scheduled payments
  • This service is offered by the bank without any fee

2. One time payments

This option is available to all Citi Online customers with a checking account and it does not require  to enroll for the services

  • Same as above after signing in the account under the payment section, select One Time and then the payee name.
  • The next page will ask to enter the financial details as to select the account from which the payment to be made, amount and the date on which it is to be paid. Then click on next


  • Verify the details entered and click ok

click ok

  • The page would display the details of the payment processed


3. Recurring Payment Plan-

This plan by the bank gives the option to set up a recurring process through which same amount will be deducted every month at a specified date. This proves to be best way to make payments on time and build up a positive credit profile. Even the users can cancel this plan anytime or make any changes online with a click. To enroll in this the user would have to follow few steps-

Enter the link

Fill in the details of account number and recurring payment plan id and click on submit


Customer support services

Phone numbers:

The customers can at Tel:1-800-347-9700  for technical Assistance, 24hours a day/7 days a week

 Tel:1-800-950-5114 for any of the credit card enquiries,

Tel:1-888-248-4226 for the bank account information

Mailing address:

The customers can also mail their requests at the following address

Citibank Client Services

Citi Inquiries: 100 Citibank Drive, San Antonio, TX 78245

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