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Belk was started in 1888 by William Henry Belk offering various products to customers such as Clothing, footwear, furniture, jewelry & housewares. It is currently operating in more than 300 locations. Belk offers special reward credit card for its customers which saves money of their customers while making purchases. The customer also earns points with every dollar spent like 400 points will be rewarded to customer on spending $10 through his card. The customer can also avail benefit of special offers issued for cardholders. Belk credit card is issued by synchrony bank.

Apply for Belk Credit Card

Following steps are required for making application for Belk credit card:

  • Follow the link
  • Following page will appear on which select Apply today tab appearing at right hand side of the page under Belk rewards credit card”
  • An application form will appear on next page which is required to be filled by customer. This application will ask for personal information of customer such as social security number, date of birth, name, address
  • After completing the application form & agreeing to terms & conditions, click on Accept & Submit. The approval will be sent within seconds if information provided by customer is correct.

Activating Belk Card – Phone Number

  • The customer has two ways to get his card activated; one is to make a call on Tel: 1-800-669-6550 & second is to get register himself registered at
  • Click on ?Register and activate? tab, the customer will be directed to new page where he is required to enter his account number to begin the registration process. Click ?Next? tab to proceed further.
  • The customer will follow the instructions & will create security questions & image to complete the card activation process. Such security questions & images will be asked from customer while using credit card to ensure that card is used by registered card holder.

How to create login account for online payments

In order to avail online services & making payments the customer is required to create an account with Belk credit. The customer will follow the go to the link & click on ?Register here? tab as shown in the image below. The five step registration process is required to be followed by customer to complete the login process. He will follow the instructions & provide all information asked during this process. The user name & password created during login process can be used further for accessing his account. The customer can use his account for various purposes like checking his bill statements, scheduling his payments, requesting for past statements, making online payments, view purchase history etc.

Payment options at

Belk credit offers various payment options to customers which makes payment process easy & convenient for them. It offers online payment option, payment through mail & payment through phone. The payment to Belk can also be made through Visa, Master card, American Express card & discover card in addition to Belk reward credit card. The customer can also use debit card for making payment if debit card has visa, discover, Amex & Master card logo on it. Belk credit does not allow payments made through personal checks or PayPal.

Online Payments (eBill)

  • Visit the link
  • Click on Apply today tab if the customer is not registered with Belk credit
  • If customer is already registered with Belk credit, they can sign in directly using his registered user name & password
  • After logging in the customer can have access to his account. Go to Payments appearing at the top of the screen & select Make a payment from drop down list. There you will find “Belk eBill” option, click that.
  • Fill the payment amount & details of payment source
  • Verify the information & Click make a payment tab to submit payment

The customer is required to follow some precautions while using his card for making online payments. He should avoid accessing his account on public computers & in case of emergency he is using then he should delete all cookies & temporary files after signing out from his account. The password selecting during registration should not be such that anyone can guess easily. It should be easy to remember but difficult to guess for others. There are some websites who try to hack the confidential information of the user, thus customer should always check the URL entered is correct & never click on link sent on email by unknown person.

Belk Card Payments through Phone

Another option is to make payment using phone service of Belk credit. The customer service line of Belk credit is run by synchrony bank. For making payment the customer is required to make a call on Tel: (800) 669-6550. The customer has option either to make payment using automated system or take help of customer service representative. There will be extra cost involved if customer chooses to make payment through customer service representative. The customer is required to follow the instruction in both the cases until payment process is completed. A confirmation number shall be provided to customer after completion of payment which can be kept as future evidence.

Belk Credit Card Mail for Payments

The mail method can also be used by customer for making payment to Belk credit. The customer will prepare the check or money order of the amount he wishes to pay to Belk credit & also writes his account number at the back of check or money order. The payment shall be sent at least 7 days before the due date so that it is timely processed & delay in payment can be avoided. The payment will be sent at following address:

PO box 960012
Orlando, FL 32896-0012

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