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American Family insurance (AMFAM) is an US based insurance company established to provide insurance services to its customers. In addition to insurance services it also provides investment & retirement planning services. It is providing number of payment option for its customers so that they do not feel burdened while making payment against bills. Its payment options make everything simple & easy & you can enjoy their insurance services without facing any hassle. You can also visit the link to get assistance regarding payment services of

How to get register at

You can enjoy many online service benefits by getting yourself registered with American Family Insurance. the benefits includes online payment of bills, managing account online, choosing auto pay option, getting enrolled for paperless billing, update & make changes in profile information etc. You are just required to sign in to your online account & avail such benefits. Following is the procedure for registration:

  • Visit the link
  • In the following page, you are required to select Enroll link appearing at right side of the page to get yourself registered.
  • In the next step, select the policy type & click on Enroll now tab
  • After selecting a policy, you will see a form in next page where you are required to create your profile. You are required to mention the details such as your name, date of birth, last 4 digits of social security number, policy number etc. Click Next tab after filling up required information
  • You are required to follow the instructions provided until the registration process is completed.

If you have any query related to My Account you can call at customer care number of American Family Insurance Tel:1-800-692-6326. This number is toll-free & is available for 24 hours. The registration at will entitle you to view different insurance policies, manage your bills online, view quotas & review your claims etc. Payment options

You can make payment to American Family insurance company – AMFAM through various ways facilitated by the company. The various methods available are online billing, Automatic Fund transfer, onetime payment, payment using phone, bill payer service and payment through mail. You can choose any method as per your ease & convenience. Following are the methods discussed in detail:

Online payment

For making online payment you are required to login to your registered account. However, if you are not registered at , you are required to get yourself registered first. Following is the procedure:

  • Go to the link
  • In the following page, click on Pay now tab appearing at the right side of the page.
  • A new screen will be open as shown below, where firstly you are required to enter billing account number & ZIP code & click Next.
  • In the next step, you are required to enter the payment details.
  • Verify the information entered so that there is no error in making payment. Follow the instructions as provided in the above screen & submit the payment
  • A confirmation will be displayed as an evidence of completion of payment process

Automatic Fund Transfer

You can opt for automatic fund transfer option under which every month payment shall be made from your account as scheduled without logging into your account. You are required to prescribe the amount, date of payment & the source of payment. Every month automatically amount will be deducted from your account that was provided for payment. You are no longer required to remember the due dates every month. In case you have scheduled your payment wrongly, you can make the changes by logging in to your account & under Automatic payments click on Edit tab. You can enroll yourself out of this option by clicking Stop tab under automatic payment option.

Payment by phone

You are also provided automated payment service for making payment to American Family Insurance. You are required to call on Tel:1-866-424-8002 & follow the instructions until the payment process is completed. This service is available 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Before making a call, keep your documents ready so that there is no interruption in completion of payment process. If you need any assistance from customer service representative while making payment, you can press 0, the call will be shifted automatically to him.

Payment through mail service

The mail service can also be used to make payments. You are required to prepare a check or money order after writing account number on it & sent by mail. The mail can be sent at address of your particular state. You can visit the following link to find out the postal address of your state as shown in image below. The payment through mail must be sent sufficient days before the due date as it takes time to reach the post at specific address & to get processed further. by following such precautions, delay in payment can be avoided.


Bill payer service

The payment can also be made using bill payer service provided by You are required to give your account number, due date and amount of bill to process your payment. This service is used to make the electronic payment of bills. You can also choose any financial institution to complete your bill payment process.

Paperless billing option

You can select this paperless billing option by signing in to your online registered account. Under this option bill statement shall be sent to you through mail or you can sign in to your account to view the bill. This option reduces the risk of delay & has positive impact on environment because of less use of paper. For availing this option, you are required to enroll yourself through your online registered account. This enrollment will stay as long as you wish & can be cancelled anytime you wish to receive paper bills.

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