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Since 1906, Alabama Power Company, headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama, has been one of the largest electricity service providers in the United States. The company is the second largest subsidiary of Southern Company, serving around 1.4 million homes, businesses and industries. Consistently the company has been focused on providing excellent customer service to its customers with the low affordable power rates. Along with this, the company also take initiatives to guide the customers on energy saving and efficient usage techniques

Online Registration Account with mypayment?

Creating an online account enables the customers to easily view their account details, payment history, pay off their bills, start, stop or transfer their service from anywhere; all without having to pick up the phone and even can get a daily, weekly or monthly summary of the electricity usage.

The customers can follow some steps to get enrolled online as explained below:


  • Click on register now tab on the right side of the page

next page

  • The next page will prompt to enter the personal information as your name and email address and username and password to be created for future use and then press Submit

personal information

  • A confirmation will be sent on the email that the registration is completed.
  • Now you can go back to the home page and log in with your details. Enter the user id and password and click Log In tab and get access to all the online services.

Log In

Billing options at mypayment

There are few options given by the mypayment as to how to receive the bills like either online or budgeting the bills over the year discussed below:

Paperless billing

This is free service billing option to the customers to easily view their bill details online, and can take a print of the copy if required. This is rather organized plan than clusters of paper to handle as well as environment friendly method. With this, the company also sent regular alerts for bills due date or payment confirmation notices.

  • Now enter your username and password and log in and enroll for the option

Budget Billing:

Under this plan an approximate amount of bill is calculated which is paid every month based on an average of the previous twelve months’ electrical usage so the high amount of bill in any month ( like in summers) does not affect the customers? monthly budget. This is a free service offered that averages the lows and highs of your electric bills by giving you an average price to pay each month. The Budget Bill amount is reviewed monthly, and the bill amount could change based on the usage.

By entering the link the customers can enroll for the same.

Project Share:

This plan implies providing assistance to the elderly and disabled neighbors who need help with their energy bills. All contributions are forwarded to the American Red Cross to help further. The American Red Cross administers the program on behalf of Alabama Power. To participate in this program, the customers can enroll through the link

Methods of bill payment

There are various power bill pay options that are aimed at making it easy for customers to pay their monthly bill including paying your bill online, using the Auto Pay service, paying in person and paying by mail or phone.

1. Pay Online:

This option enables the customers to pay the bills online from the bank account at free of cost. You can follow some steps to process your payment as explained follows:

Login and pay

pay my bill

  • Under the registered users tab, enter the username and password and the payment details as asked for.
  • After submitting your payment, you will receive a confirmation code

Pay without logging in:

  • If not a registered user then enter the account number and the social security number or web access code

account number

  • Then submit your payment information with the date and amount and click on Review and Confirm payment.
  • This is paying through bill matrix, at a $3.60 service charge for each transaction.
  • A confirmation code will be given after the payment is processed for future reference

Credit card payment with Bill Matrix:

By using the link the customers can use their card information for bill payments. A service fee of $2.25 will be charged for the service.

service fee

2. Auto Pay:

This option implies that an automatic deduction will be made from your checking account every month on the same date so that there are no worries of late fees or missing any payment.

After signing in the account by the link you can select for Enroll in Auto pay

3. Pay In Person:

The customers can visit any of the authorized payment centers to pay their bills with a check. Some centers might accept debit or credit card as well.

4. Pay By Mail:

The customers can mail their check or money order payments to the following address-

Alabama Power Payments

P.O. Box 242

Birmingham, Alabama 35292

You should always note to mention your account number on the check and cash should not be sent through the mail

Pay By Phone:

The customers can also dial Phone Number Tel: 1-800-835-2702, seven days a week, and 24 hours a day and submit your payment. You have to keep in handy your account number along with credit card, Debit/ATM card details or the checking account information.

Customer Support Services:

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