Florida Power & Light Company Easy Payment Guide


Talking about the electricity utilities in United States, Florida Power & Light Company (fpl) has to be taken into consideration. It generates, transmits, distributes and sells electric energy. It is among the largest electric utility service serving approximately 4.8 million customers with the affordable and reliable services.? For a decade now the company has been recognized for providing excellent customer service.

Online Registration with www.fpl.com

  • On the home page of www.fpl.com, click on My account on the top right side.
  • Then click on Register Now. Here the user has to enter the email address and password
  • Now to enter the account number
  • The registration is complete and the confirmation is sent on the email address for the created username and password which will be used for all the available online services.

Online account with the company enables the customer to start, stop, or even transfer service with the options of accessing the account summary, bill statements, choosing the billing options and payment of bills. Generally, as soon as the details of address, social security number are submitted, the services are connected.


FPL Billing options available

  • ?Budget Billing- this helps the user to estimate the bill amount over the year so that they can pay same amount every month. It becomes then easy to manage the other monthly expenses as they are not affected by the bill fluctuations. As the user log in the company website, easy instructions are given to enroll in budgeting. The amount is calculated on the basis of average of actual bills of the year.
  • Email Bill– paperless billing is always encouraged for environmental reasons as well:
  • Every month an email is sent to access the bill
  • When the payment is due, a reminder is also sent
  • The users can access their account summary quickly anytime
  • It proves to be a environment friendly option

Bill Payment methods at FPL.COM

The customers have been given various choices for making the bill payments as in-

  • Automatic Bill pay
  • Pay online with checking or saving account
  • Pay with debit or credit card
  • Pay by Phone
  • Pay by Check Free or local banks
  • Authorized pay agents
  • Pay by mail
  1. Automatic bill payment– option enables the user to get the amount deducted from the account every month on the chosen date with saving time and money in writing or mailing checks.https://www.fpl.com/account/bill/automatic-bill-pay.html

How to register

  • The user has to log in to fpl.com with the user id and password
  • Under the section Pay Bill, it will prompt to enter the bank account information and the date when the amount has to be deducted.
  • The next page will ask to enter the contact information
  • Next an email is sent confirming the transaction.
  • Before payment is withdrawn every month, an email is sent for reminder. This service is given free of cost to the customers.
  1. Online payments– using the bank account details, it is the safe way to pay the bills online. Even the customers can schedule the payment at any future date as well.

How to enroll

  • Log in to Www.fpl.com
  • The next page will prompt to enter the email address, bank account details and the routing number
  • Click on enroll now
  • Then click on Pay Now and make the payment. If the payment has to be made on any future date, click on ?schedule future payment?
  • The amount will be posted immediately in the account.
  1. Using debit or credit card-The customers can either call Tel: 1-800-979-3967 or log in to the western union speedpay website to make the bill payment.
  • They can use either of their Visa, Master card, Discover card for the transaction.
  • As per the instructions given, the steps are to be followed to enter the details of card, account number and their address
  • A confirmation number will be given, which the customer can save for future reference
  • The payment will be credited immediately in the fpl account.
  • A small fee will be charged for the transaction made
  1. Pay by phone-By using the bank account information, the customers can make a phone call and complete the transaction. The service is available 24 hours so it is a safe and convenient way to adopt:
  • Call at Tel:1-800-226-3545
  • Follow the instructions as given and enter the bank account details
  • A confirmation number is given after completing the transaction
  • The payment is posted immediately in the account
  1. Local banks/ Check Free– Check free is one of the provider with fpl for the monthly bill payments.
  • The customers will log in at check free or local banks website
  • Enter the information as prompted
  • Electronically the amount will be deducted every month
  1. Authorized agents– the company is partnered with various independent agents to make the bill payments personally. Here the payments are only made in cash. Some agents have started accepting checks also. The agents charge a nominal fee to process the transaction.
  • Using the link https://app.fpl.com/payagent/ customers can check the nearby pay agent
  • It will ask to enter the address or zip code to locate the centre
  1. Mail payments– the customers can mail their checks or money order to make their monthly payments. The mailing address is as follows-

FPL General Mail Facility
Miami, FL 33188-0001

The customers should consider few points in the mailing option:

  • The return envelope is given with the bill itself
  • The top leaflet of the bill has to be attached with the check
  • The account number has to be mentioned on the check
  • Cash payments are not accepted while mailing payments
  • It takes five to seven business days for payments to be processed

Contact points

The customers can call at Tel: 1800 226 3545 to report any of the power issues. They will be asked to verify the fpl account number or social security number for identification.

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