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AT&T aims at connecting people using advanced technologies. It provides various services such as mobile services, next generation TV, high speed Wi-Fi services & smart solutions for various businesses.


It provides virtual connection between the customers located at different parts of the world. It is growing as global leader providing reliable & highly secure network to customers. AT&T is offering easy payment options to customers so that they do not feel burdened regarding bill payments & enjoy the services. The customer is just required to get access id which will be used for making online payments & manage other options like auto payment, paper bill statements etc. AT&T aims at building strong relationships with its customers & operate with integrity & trust.


Register with AT&T

The customer is required to get registered with AT&T for making online payments. Following is the registration process:

  • Follow the link www.AT&
  • Select Register today tab
  • In the next page select the account type from drop down list & enter the relevant information related to field chosen
  • Enter the billing account number, phone number, Billing ZIP code & click on Next tab
  • Enter customer code mentioned on the bill & click Next
  • In the next step create access ID, choose a password to access the ID, create user profile by entering necessary information asked in form, select security question & answers for future reference & agree to the terms & conditions of registration process to complete the registration.
  • Confirm the registration process

This access id can be used to manage various accounts such as wireless, U-verse, home phone/Internet.


Online payment options

Automatic Bill Payment

The customer may opt for automatic bill payment method for which is easy & secure way of making payment online. Using this option, funds will be automatically deducted every month from the customers account. This method relieves the customer from remembering the date of bill every month. The credit card as well as bank account can be used as source of making online payment using ABP method. The customer to get himself enrolled to automatic bill payment will follow these steps:

  • Go to My AT&T & choose billing, usage & Payments tab
  • Sign in using user id & password
  • Go to payments & click Manage auto pay tab
  • If customer is running multiple accounts, either he will select enroll my other accounts in autopay or select autopay preferences for each account
  • Choose the payment method & source for auto payment of bill
  • Fill the information required & click on submit tab after review the information.


One-time payment

This option is available only to the customers who are enrolled to receive paper bill statements. The payment can be made by the customer using bank account or credit card using online services of AT&T. The customer can be ensured about security of bank or card details as information is kept secure & confidential using high level encryption technology. For availing this option customer will sign in to his account & click on Pay bill tab. follow the instructions on the page & enter payment information. If customer is having multiple accounts then choose the account for which one-time payment method is used.

Payment at other websites

AT&T provides option to the customer to make payment of AT&T bill along with other bills at third party website. This service is provided free of cost rather by AT& T but third party whose website is used for bill payment may charge some fee for processing payment. There is a list of third parties which can be used for online bill payment. Alternatively the customer can use for paying AT&T bills.

View & Pay bill

This option helps the customer to have control over his payments. Following procedure shall be followed under this method:

  • If the customer is having multiple accounts choose the relevant account name
  • Click on View bill tab & then select Make a Payment tab
  • Enter the amount required to be paid & date on which payment will be made. The date should be within due date
  • Select the payment method; bank account or credit card
  • Enter the information asked for payment method used
  • Click continue tab
  • Read & agree to terms & conditions & Click on Submit tab

The online payments cannot be cancelled once it is confirmed. The payment made using online services may take 5 days to get processed & posted in the account of the customer.

Payment through mail

The customer can make the payment of AT&T bill through mail by preparing a check or money order. The account number will be written on the back of check or money order & sent to following address:

PO Box 8212
Aurora, IL-60572-8212
The customer must ensure that check or money order is sent keeping sufficient margin before due date.

Payment through phone

The phone automated system can also be used by customer for paying AT&T bills. The customer is required to call on customer service number & follow the instructions provided on phone for completing the payment. The bank detail of the customers used for making payment & account number shall be asked by the service representative helping in making payment. On completion of payment through phone customer must note the confirmation number for future reference. The customer care number is Tel: 1-800-222-0300. No additional fee is charged by AT&T for making payment using phone.

Payment in person

AT&T provides option to customer for making payment in person. AT&T has provided service agents at many locations who are accepting payment from customer in cash, check or money order. If customer has submitted the payment to authorized agent before 7 p.m. it will be updated following day & if submitted after 7 p.m. within two business days. The confirmation receipt must be kept by customer as evidence for future reference. A small amount of fee is charged by the authorized agents for providing this service. The customers who have opted for paper bill statements can only avail this option of making payment. The customer can call on Tel:1-800-222-0300 for finding out nearest authorized agents.

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