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WM refers to Waste Management which is an American based company providing waste management & environment services to various production units, recycling plants, transfer stations, collection operations etc. It is offering their services to almost millions of customers which include industrial, commercial, residential as well as municipal corporations.


It recommends its customers to create online account so as to avail various services. The customer having his online account with wm.com can make online payments, view his statements, enroll himself for auto pay method & paperless billing etc. The registration is not compulsory; he can make payment online without getting registered using one-time payment option.


How to get register with wm.com

The customer can avail many services if he gets himself registered with wm.com. He can make online payments against bills, enroll himself for auto pay option, and go for paperless bills & many other services. Following procedure is required for registration:

  • Visit the link wm.com
  • Following page will be opened in which customer is required to click on Register now link
  • In next step customer is required to create his profile with wm.com. He will provide his email address & password and create a security question and answer which can be used in future for signing in purpose.
  • After creating the profile, customer will click on Create my Profile tab to complete the registration process.


Payment options under www.wm.com

The customer has many options of making payment to wm.com such as payment through phone, payment in person & payment using online services. The customer is required to provide necessary details while making payment through all these options. Following are the options for making payment to www.wm.com:

Online payment at wm.com

The payment made using online service is easy & secure. The wm.com adopts various methods to ensure safe payments. Following is the procedure:

  • Follow the link wm.com
  • Following page will appear where customer is required to select Pay my bill option from drop down list of My Account tab.
  • In next page customer is required to sign in with registered user name & password to get access to his account. In case customer is not registered with wm.com he will choose register tab & create his new account
  • The customer will choose sign in tab after entering his registered username & password
  • The customer will enter the payment amount & details of payment source & will confirm the payment after verifying that information entered is correct.
  • Payment will be submitted & a confirmation message will be sent to customer at provided information source.

The customers can also make one-time payment if he does not have time to get register or does not wish to get registered with wm.com. The customer is required to go to the link http://www.wm.com& click on My Account tab. the log in page will be opened in which customer is required to click on Make One-time payment Instead link. Following page will appear in which customer will enter his account information such as WM ezPay ID & Billing ZIP code and click on Continue to Payment info. In next step he will enter payment details & amount & submit the payment after reviewing the information carefully. A confirmation message will be sent to email id of the customer after completion of payment.


Payment using phone service at wm.com

The customer can make payment using phone automated service of wm.com. He is required to make a call at Tel:1-866-964-2729 for making payment against his bills. The phone automated service is available for 24 hours a day & 7 days a week. The customer must be ready with necessary details such as WM ezPay account id, account number, zip code, bank details etc. which will be asked during payment process so that there is no interruption. He will follow the instructions of the system until the payment process is completed. A confirmation shall be sent to customer with reference number ensuring that payment has been safely done against right account.

Payment can also be done using smart phone mobile app. The customer can download this app from google play store. It is available only for android & iOS users. The customer is required to sign in using his registered id & password after downloading the app. He can manage his account through this app easily in same way as he manages on pc.


Payment in person

The customer can make payment in person by visiting at nearest store authorized for accepting payments. The customer can make payment either in cash or through check or money order. This option is safe for those customers who find it risky sharing their financial information online. The payment receipt shall be provided to customer after payment is completed. However payment made through this method is not processed immediately.


Auto payment method

The customer can enroll himself for auto pay option under which the payment shall be automatically deducted every month from customers bank account. For enrolling himself, the customer is required to sign in to his account & get enrolled by clicking on automatic payments. It is not a permanent option; the customer can cancel his enrollment by clicking on stop automatic payments. He can also edit or change his information related to bank by choosing Edit Payment info tab. This option relieves the customer from tension of remembering every month bill due date as payments will be deducted automatically from the provided bank source.


Paperless billing

The customer can enroll himself for paperless billing by signing into his account & choosing Enroll in paperless billing option. The customer having more than one account can choose the account from list against which he wants to opt paperless billing. He can also cancel his enrollment whenever he wishes to receive paper bills.


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