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United States Cellular Corporation, also known as U.S. Cellular is a telecommunication network provider in the United States. It provides its services in 23 U.S. states and has about 4.8 million customers. The company offers service of CDMA/3G and the 4G LTE network. It has tied up with numerous smartphone companies which include Samsung, Motorola, HTC, LG, RIM, Huawei, Alcatel, Pantech and Apple and the company sells their manufactured smartphones on a contract basis. To know more about U.S. Cellular you can visit their website www.uscellular.com . U.S. Cellular allows you to pay your bills in a number of ways. For assistance regarding payment options you can also visit their website www.uscellular.com/support/customer-care/payment-options.html .

How to register for new account at UScellular.com?

If you are a user of U.S. Cellular service, you can register on their website and enjoy the various benefits it provides you with. The website provides us with various billing options.? To register you are required to follow this procedure:

  • Visit the link uscellular.com
  • On the following page you are required to click on the LOGIN/REGISTER option appearing on the top of the page to get yourself registered.
  • Since you are a new user, you are required to click on Click here to register link or BEGIN REGISTRATION tab to sign up on the website. If you are a No Contract/Prepaid user you have to register by clicking on the No Contract/Prepaid registration option


  • For customers with a contract, the registration will be completed in these 5 following steps:

1. If you own a wireless number, you have to enter the wireless number and your U.S. Cellular pin. If you do not own a wireless number, you have to enter the Device MEID and your U.S. Cellular pin. After filling in the details, click on CONTINUE

2. In the next step you need to enter your e-mail and agree to the terms and conditions. After filling in the details, click on CONTINUE.

3. After completing step 2, you will receive a mail at your e-mail for verification. You need to follow the link in the e-mail to complete the verification process which will lead you to step 4

4. In step 4 you need to enter you U.S. Cellular PIN. After filling in the PIN, click on CONTINUE to reach the last step.

5. In the final step you will have to set up a username and password, select 2 security questions and provide the answer to them. After this your registration process will be completed.

Alternatively, if you are a No Contract/Prepaid customer you can register on the following link https://prepaidma.uscellular.com/implUserRegistrationFlowPage.html#[UserRegistrationFlow/registration

]. On this page you will have to enter your 10 digit wireless number and your U.S. Cellular PIN. Once you have filled in the details, you can click on CONTINUE to move to the next step where on you have to enter your e-mail, set up a username and password and complete the process.

If you have any query regarding registering on the website you can visit their website www.uscellular.com for support or call a customer care representative at 1-88-944-9400 between 6 AM & 11PM.


Payment Options

U.S. Cellular provides you with a number of ways to complete the payment of the bill. The company provides many options and makes it easy for the customer to pay the bill. The methods include Online Payment, Payment by phone, Payment in Person, Payment by Mail and Electronic Bill Payment.


Online Bill Payment through US.CELLULAR MYACCOUNT page

You can pay your bills online by simply logging into your account where you have number of ways to pay your bills. You can select the Debit from Bank Account option. You can also schedule the payment for a future date. Another way of paying is by using a Credit Card or Debit Card, for this you will have to enter all the necessary information required.

Payment by Phone

You can conveniently pay your bills using your phone by simply calling #PAY (#729) from your U.S. Cellular Phone. Alternatively you can also call on Tel: 1-888-944-9400 where you can pay using a debit account or savings account over the phone. The company also accepts American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa.


Payment in Person

If you are not registered to the U.S. Cellular website, you can easily walk into the nearest U.S. Cellular Stores where a payment can be made using numerous methods. You can locate your nearest U.S. Cellular Store on the following link www.uscellular.com/storefinder/index.html

Payment by Mail

This is another method that you can use if you are not registered on the website. You can mail the check and the stub to the following address

U.S. Cellular
DEPT. 0205
Palatine, IL 60055-0205

This mail would take about a week to reach and for the payment to be completely processed.

Electronic Bill Payment

An alternative solution is by making an electric payment from the bank. You can contact your bank to setup the electronic debit for the U.S. Cellular. In this payment will be automatically debited from your bank account on a monthly basis for the true bill amount.

Prepaid Payment Options

If you are a user of No Contract/Prepaid service, you can easily recharge by a number of methods. These methods include Online Payment, Automatic Payment, and Payment by Phone, Payment in Person and Payment with Refill Card.

Online Payment

You can refill your services with an amount you desire by simply logging into your registered account on www.uscellular.com and selecting necessary options to process the payment. An automatic payment option can also be set up from here.

Automatic Payment

This option allows you to have your account refilled with a selected amount of your choice on a specific date of every month. You can make this payment using a refill card or any other debit card or credit card. You can setup automatic payment option by logging into your account and enabling the option, another way of enabling the option is by going into a retail store near you and asking the customer executive to start this service. You can also setup this service by calling the Customer Service by dialing#ADDor611 from your U.S. Cellular phone or by calling888-944-9400.

Payment by Phone

This is an easy way of refilling your account with a onetime amount by simply dialing dialing#ADDor611from your U.S. Cellular phone or by calling Tel: 888-944-9400.

Payment in Person

This is a convenient method in which you can refill your account by walking into the nearest U.S. Cellular retail store and by paying through various methods.

Payment with Refill Cards

This option allows you to buy a Replenishment Card/PIN from the nearest partner retail stores from which you can add a fixed amount to your account. These cards can be bought from Walmart, Dollar General, Nebraska Furniture Cart, Circle K, Kwik Trip, Kum & Go, Speedway and walmart.com

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