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Sudden Link is a largest telecommunication company providing its services in Texas, Louisiana, West Virginia, Arizona, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and North California. It is currently serving more than 1.5 million clients by providing internet & cable services. is offering many payment options for their customers that can be selected by customer as per their requirements. Such methods make payment process easy & simple. For availing some payment options the customer is required to get registered at . The registration will entitle you to receive many other benefits along with easy payment options.

How to get register with

If you want to enjoy online services of, you are required to get registered first following prescribed registration procedure. After getting registered, you can make online payment against bills, view your bills online, make changes in profile, and many other services. Following is the procedure for registration:

  • Go to the link
  • Click on My account tab appearing at the top right side of the page
  • Click on sign up now link to follow the registration process of
  • In the next page you are required to enter your account number & Pin number to proceed further to the next step of registratio
  • Click Next tab & go to the next step where you are required to create your account. While creating account, enter the login information i.e. create user name & password & then enter the main user information. Click on Save and Next tab.
  • Follow the prompted instructions until the registration process is completed Payment options

As we discussed earlier, offers various payment methods for their customers. They accept payment made using online registered account. You can also choose to make payment using onetime payment option without getting registered with Suddenlink. The autopay option can also be used for making payment. However there are certain methods where you can make payment without using online account such as payment through phone & payment through mail. Following are the methods discussed in detail:

Online Payment through

You are required to sign in to your registered account for making online payment. Following procedure is required:

  • Go to the link
  • Click on My Account tab appearing at top right corner of the screen
  • Following screen will appear where you are required to enter your registered user id & password to login to your account for making payment
  • After signing in to your account, go to payment section & enter payment details along with bill amount
  • Verify the entered information before submitting the payment. If everything is correct submit the payment
  • A confirmation screen will appear ensuring that payment has been submitted

Automatic payment

You can also choose automatic payment option for making payment. Under this option you will get yourself enrolled for this option & set a schedule of payments. Every month payment will get reduced from your checking account automatically without your effort. You are not required to remember due dates of the bill & login to the account every month to submit payment. This option can be availed as long as you wish to & can be cancelled anytime by signing into the registered account. An intimation of payment deduction will also be sent every month to you at your registered mobile number or email id.


Onetime payment

Onetime payments for Suddenlinkoption can also be used for making payment. You are required to login to your account & click on My Account tab appearing at the top right corner of the page. Under my account tab click on My Bill tab. following page will appear in which under pay online section under onetime payment choose the right option through which you want to make the payment. Click pay now tab.

A pop up window will open asking the amount you want to pay. Click continue after entering the amount

If you are choosing to make payment through credit card, following window will appear asking credit card details. Click ?continue? tab to proceed further.

But if you are choosing to make payment using bank account, following window will get open asking checking account details. Click ?continue? tab

In the next page authorization screen will appear where you are required to authorize Suddenlink for deducting payment from your account by clicking on continue tab.

A confirmation screen will appear; check the details & click on continue to submit the payment

Payment through mail

The payment can be sent through mail at following postal addresses. You are required to prepare a check or money order of prescribed amount.? You should also ensure that your name, address, account number & phone number is sent along with your payment. The payment must be sent at least 7-10 days before the due date so that it is timely reached & processed. This method can be conveniently used by those customers who are afraid of sharing their checking account information online.

  • For North Carolina Customers:

Suddenlink Communications

P.O. Box 742507

Cincinnati, OH 45274-2507


  • For West Virginia Customers:

Suddenlink Communications

P.O. Box 742535

Cincinnati, OH 45274-2535


  • For all others:

Suddenlink Communications

P.O. Box 660365

Dallas, TX 75266-0365


Payment through phone

You can submit payment through phone by making call at Tel:1-888-822-5151 & follow the instructions provided by automated system. You must keep the relevant information with you before making call so that information can be provided immediately. A confirmation receipt number will be provided after completion of payment process.


Payment in person

You can also submit payment at nearest located store by personally visiting there. You can find out nearest store by visiting at Suddenlink website. You can either submit payment at customer desk or leave the payment in authorized drop box along with necessary details. such payments will be processed within 2-3 days of submitting it.

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