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PPL electric utility is having its headquarters in Pennsylvania providing electricity as well as natural gas delivery services to its customers. It is serving millions of customers of Pennsylvania having capacity of 19000 MW. It is known for its best services & impeccable quality. It also provides online platform for its customers where they can make their payments, manage their accounts, view their bills & enjoy many other benefits. To avail these entire benefits customer is required to prepare its online account with pplelectric.com. you can visit the link www.pplelectric.com for further assistance.


How to get register with pplelectric.com?

By getting registered with pplelectric.com, you can manage your account online & enjoy many other benefits. You can also make online payment against bills issued by PPL Electric utilities. You can also check usage of electricity through your account. Following is the process for registration:

  • Go to the link pplelectric.com
  • Click on Activate Online Account link to create your online account appearing at the right side of the following page.

Activate Online Account

  • Fill the registration form reflected in the next page to get registered at pplelectric.com. You are required to provide your personal details & create user name & password.


  • Click Next tab after entering all information. Follow the instructions until the registration process is completed.
  • You will receive a confirmation email asking you to activate your profile by clicking on link send by them. You can sign in to your registered account after activating your profile.


Payment options

PPL Electric utilities offer many payment methods for their customers. You can choose any method as per your convenience & ease. The payment methods include online payment, payment through mail, payment using phone service & payment at authorized payment centers. You can also choose automatic payment method if you are fed up of remembering due dates every month. ?For using online mode of payment, you are required to get registered first but for other modes such as mail, phone & personal visit, no registration is required. Following are the methods discussed in detail:


Online payment

You can make payment online by signing in to your registered account. Go to the link www.pplelectric.com . Enter your registered user name & password & click on ?Login? tab. after logging in to your account, enter your payment details & bill amount. Review the information once before submitting the payment. A confirmation will appear after payment is submitted successfully. You can also submit your onetime payment using credit card or debit card. You are just required to enter your card information. You will further be directed to Bill matrix for making payment. You will be charged $3.95 as transaction fees for making payment through bill matrix. There is a limit of submitting payment through Bill matrix as you cannot submit more than 3 payments in 5 day period & in 30 days not more than 5 payments. You will be intimated about submission of payment after the completion of payment process. In case you wish to cancel any payment you can call at Bill Matrix customer care number Tel:1-800-967-9649.

Automatic payment

It is an easy & convenient method of making payment as you are relieved from worries of remembering due dates, delay in payment, etc.? This method helps in saving the environment as less paper is used. It helps in avoiding late payment & transaction fees charged every time you make the payment. You are required to sign in to your registered account & get enrolled for this option. After enrollment a confirmation email will be sent to you. After that you are no longer required to sign in to your account every month. You just have to prepare the schedule of payments & every month they will automatically be submitted to PPL electric utilities. You will be sent a message of payment deduction from your checking account & a confirmation message of submission of payment. You can stop this automatic bill payment anytime you wish to by cancelling your enrollment.


Payment through mail

If you do not wish to share your financial information online or do not have internet access, dont get upset as PPL electric utilities is offering mail service for making payment. You are required to prepare a check or money order of prescribed bill amount & also ensure that account number is mentioned at the back of check to avoid any misplacement. The payment can be sent to following postal address. But make sure that payment is sent at least 7 days before the due date of bill as it will take sufficient time in processing. Avoid sending cash payment through mail as there are brighter chances of misplacement.

PPL Electric Utilities
P.O. Box 25239
Lehigh Valley,PA 18002-5239

Payment using phone service

The phone service can also be used for successful submission of payment. You can get payment assistance by calling at 1-800-358-6623. You should keep your relevant account information ready before making a call. You will be asked your account number & checking account details through which you wish to submit the payment. Make sure that you are communication correct information. Follow the instructions until the whole payment process get completed. A confirmation receipt will be received at the end that will ensure you that they have accepted the payment.

Payment in person

There is various authorized payment centers located in different states. You can personally visit at center for submitting payment. go to the link https://www.pplelectric.com/my-account/billing-and-payments/pay-my-bill/payment-centers.aspx & find your nearest payment center. Payment in person can be submitted through any mode & receipt will be granted after acceptance of payment.

Paperless billing

It is an easy & secure way of receiving your bill. You are required to get enrolled for paperless billing & after enrollment; bill will be sent through email at your registered id. You can also view your bill by signing in to your registered account. It is not an mandatory requirement, you can switch back to your paper bills by cancelling your enrollment anytime.

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