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For over 50 years now, throughout the United States of America, the general automobile insurance services, Inc. has been a licensed insurance agency emphasizing the auto insurance. The company aims to provide low cost insurance plans with the online services. It aims to provide a plan for everyone including new card drivers and persons with less than perfect credit. The company has corporate offices located in Nashville, Tennessee and the regional call centers in Ohio, Arizona and Louisiana.
Initially the company name was Permanent General Agency and later on got changed to Permanent General Assurance Corporation (PGAC)

Registration for Online Access with Mypolicy

With the online registration, the customers get the benefit to manage their account easily as they can anytime check their account status, the insurance coverage applicable, to make any changes or renew the policy, to make the payments and even get an identification card. The registration is simple, fast, and the users will have online access to their policies in just minutes.

For registering, the customers are required to provide the following information-

  • Policy number
  • Email address
  • Date of Birth
  • Zip Code

The customers will follow the following steps to complete their online accessibility-

  • Click the link
  • The registered user will have to enter the policy number or the email address and the password to log in further.

log in

  • Otherwise on the same page, click on Register on the right side of the page


  • The next page will prompt to provide the last seven digits of the policy number and press Continue


  • Then it would ask to enter the customer’s details to set up the account. By selecting a password the user is protecting their personal information.
  • After submitting the information as asked for, the registration would be completed.


To Receive a Quote on Auto Insurance

When the customer is looking for an insurance policy, it is very important to shop around and check what best you can get as the lowest rate. The comparison between different companies helps to get chances of lowest premiums because each insurance company charges a different amount, depending on varied conditions. Without any unnecessary personal information, the quote is given unlike most of the other insurance companies. It is only after the policy purchase that the personal information is taken to complete the application process.
To get a premium quote from The General Insurance Company, the customers can follow the following steps-

  • You can either make a phone call at Tel: (866) 519-7422 or
  • You can check online at By clicking the link, it will ask to enter the zip code of the area and press Start my Quote.


With a click, the quote is provided to the customer. If it is liked upon, the policy can be purchased online and the company immediately provides with a proof of insurance. The amount of down payment varies in each case depending on factors like where you live, age, driving record, type of vehicle, etc).  Once the down payment is made, the next page will ask to sign the application electronically and then the proof of insurance is generated which the customers can print for future reference.

Settlement of Claims

In the case of any accident, the company helps in settling the claim amount. The customers can call at 1-800-280-1466 (option #3) and ask for a new claim or check an existing claim.  Few steps have to be kept in mind to get the benefit of the policy in the case of any auto accident as follows-

  • 911 to be called if an ambulance is required
  • The police must be informed
  • The details like name, address, and name of the insurance company of the other driver involved to be taken. Any information of any witness will also be helpful.
  • Model and the plate number of each vehicle involved to be noted down
  • Your insurance company must be notified about the accident
  • The terms and conditions involved in the insurance contract need to be satisfied in order to receive compensation, failure of which could result in non-payment by the insurance company for the losses that otherwise could have been covered.

Payments methods at and My Policy

The customers are given few options to pay the premium amounts using the credit cards or the electronic checks. This can be a onetime payment or monthly plans.

  • Online payments
  • Mail the premium amounts
  • Can call over the phone

Pay Online

The policy holders can pay online at and follow the steps as required.


Pay By Mail

The customers can mail their payments to the following address
The General
P.O. Box 305076
Nashville, TN 37230-5076

Pay by Phone

The insured customers can call at Tel: 1-800-280-1466 (Mon-Fri 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM and Sat 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM CST) and provide the required payment information and proceed with the payment.

Contact Points

  • Phone number- The customers can call at Tel: 1-866-519-7422 for any of their queries and concerns.
  • For claims, they can call at Tel: 1-800-280-1466 – Option #3

(Hours of operation: 24 hours a day / 7 days a week)

  • Email Address- They can also email at [email protected]. For any contracts or licensing, they can email at [email protected]
  • Mailing Address- The customers can also use the following mailing address for any requests-

The General

P.O. Box 305054
Nashville, TN 37230-5054

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