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T-Mobile is an American based company offers messaging, voice & data services to millions of customers all over the world. Various hotels, restaurants etc. are their hot spots which enable the customer avail their services anywhere. The customer is required to create online account with T-Mobile to avail online services offered by the company. He can pay bills online, view his past bill statements, view usage history and many other services through registered T-Mobile account. Various payment options are also offered by the company which reduces the tension of the customers & he can choose the method as per his suitability. T-Mobile also provides auto pay option for its customers under which customer is free from the hassle of remembering due dates every month. The registration process with T-Mobile is also very simple.


How to get register with and login through

The customer is required to get register with to avail the benefits of online services. The customer can get online access through following procedure:

  • Go to the link
  • Following page will appear where customer is required to choose Sign up tab from My T-Mobile drop down list.
  • A sign up form will get open as shown in the image below. The customer is required to fill the information & create a unique user name & password for sign in process. Click Next after entering all the information
  • The customer is required to follow the instructions until the registration process is completed.
  • After getting registered, the customer can manage his account online, pay his bills, view his statements, enroll for auto pay option & paperless statements etc.


Payment options under

The customer is offered various payment options under T-Mobile which makes payment process easy & simpler. The customer can choose the method as per his choice & convenience. The payment methods include; online payment, phone payments, in store payments, automatic payments and mail payments. These methods are explained in detail below:


Online payment

Payment can be submitted by customer using online services of following is the procedure:

  • Visit the link
  • Go to My T-Mobile appearing at the top right corner of the page.
  • Click on Pay my Bill option. Following login screen will appear where customer is required to enter his login details
  • If a customer is not registered, he is required to click on Sign up tab to get online access at login page.
  • However a registered customer will enter his user name & password & click on Login tab to proceed further.
  • After signing in to his account, customer will enter the payment details such as bank account details & bill amount.
  • Review the information once before submitting it. A confirmation message will be sent to customer once the payment process is completed.

Automatic payments

The customer can choose easy pay option for submitting payment at Under this option payment shall be automatically deducted from the provided payment source of customer. This service does not involve any charge & customer is free from hassle of preparing checks every month. He is required to sign in to his online account & enroll himself for this option. This option can be cancelled by customer anytime by signing in to his account & select Stop Easy Pay.

Payment using phone service

If a customer does not have internet access, he can make payment using phone service of T-Mobile. One option is to make a call on 611 using T-Mobile phone or to dial Tel: 1-877-746-0909 from any other phone. The customer can pay his bill using phone automated system or assistance of customer service representative. No fees shall be charged for using automated phone system service & is available for 24 hours a day & 7 days in a week. The assistance of customer service representative is available between 6 am to 10 pm & extra charges of $5 are charged from customer.

Payment in person at nearby store

The customer can make payment in person by visiting nearby authorized store of He is required to go to the link to find out nearest location. After finding the location, he will got to the store & submit the payment either in cash or through check. A confirmation receipt will also be handed over to customer after the payment is submitted by him.

Payment through mail service at

T-Mobile offers mail service to their customers for submitting payment against bills. The customer is required to prepare a check or money order of bill amount after writing his account number on it. The check or money order can be sent to following addresses:

PO Box 51843
Los Angeles, CA 90051-6143

PO Box 790047
St. Louis, MO 63179-0047

PO Box 660252
Dallas, TX 75266-0252

PO Box 742596
Cincinnati, OH 45274-2596

Sign up for paperless billing

The customer can sign up for paperless billing option by logging in to his registered account with This option can also be availed by making a call on 611 & using mobile app of T-Mobile. The customer will log in to his account & click on profile tab appearing at top right side of the page. Click on billing & payment option showing on the left side of the page & then click on Sign up appearing next to paperless billing.

In the next screen customer will set up his preferences by choosing Paperless Bill. He will read terms & conditions related to this option & click on save tab to confirm his preferences.

The customer can also cancel this option by signing into his account whenever he wishes to receive paper bills.

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