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Kohls corporation is headquartered in United States & it is known as Americas largest departmental store chain. Kohl is operating currently in more than 40 states & running approximately 1100 stores. It is focused towards providing best value to customers. Kohl has provided many services to customers which have made shopping process easy. Kohl has also provided account facility to customer through which customer can easily view their statements & make payments when required. The customer can even schedule the payments & can check the details of scheduled payments through this account. The customer can also opt for auto payment method through this account.

Procedure for applying Kohls credit card through

The Kohls credit card facilitates easy shopping & many special offers to customer. The credit card number is used for getting registered at Following steps are required to apply for credit card:

  • Follow the link & click on My Kohls Charge tab. The customer will be directed to following screen: (use to be:
  • Click on Apply Now tab in above screen.
  • Read the terms & conditions mentioned in next page & click on Continue tab if customer has properly understood the terms & agreeing to it.
  • The customer will be directed to following screen. Fill the application form & review it before submit. After filling the form click on Continue tab if details mentioned are correct.
  • A confirmation page will appear that provides surety that your application has been sent for processing & will be reviewed by Kohl. Kohl will approve the credit account of they find everything correct in the application.

Kohls charge payment options

The customer dealing with kohls has various options for making payment. The options include online payment, payment by phone, by mail & directly through store.

Online payment

For making payment online, the customer is required to get registered at My Kohls Charge. The sign up process is free. Following process is required for getting registered at My Kohls Charge:

  • Follow the link & click on My Kohls charge tab. Following screen will appear:
  • Enter the 12 digit credit card number in required field & click on Submit tab. In next screen customer can choose user name, password & security questions & answers. After entering all fields registration process shall be completed. The user name once created cannot be changed under Kohls charge.

In case of already registered customer, following problems may arise that can be resolved as follows:

  • If a customer has forgotten his or her username, use Forgot User Name link reflecting on Sign in page of My Kohls charge as shown below. The customer will be asked 12 digit credit card number & security questions & answers created at the time of registration. If the information is correct, user name will be reflected for customer that can be used for sign in purpose.
  • In case customer has forgotten his or her password, use Forgot Password link reflecting on sign in page of My Kohls charge as shown in above image. The customer will be asked user name & security questions & answers created during registration. If information is correct, a temporary password will be e-mailed to customer. The customer can change the password as per his choice.
  • In case above problems are remain unresolved, the customer can contact Kohls support service at Tel:(855)564-5748 to resolve the problem

The register customer will login to his account using username password & will make the payment as required. The payments made after 7pm shall be updated next day. A customer can also schedule future payments maximum up to 180 days.

If a customer uses alternate bill pay service to make payment, it will take more time to get updated because some online providers send physical checks to kohl. Thus customer must make these payments keeping sufficient margin i.e. at least 5 days before due date of payment.

Payment using phone service

The customer can use phone automated system to make payment of bills. This service is available for 24 hours. The customer is required to call on (855) 564-5748 & provide the required details. The payment requested after 7pm shall be updated following day.

The customer can also make a call to phone associate whose timings are limited. The associate is available between 7a.m. to 10 p.m. on working days (Monday to Saturday) & between 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. on Sunday.

If a customer wants to make payment through debit card, he can do so with the help of live associate. The associate will charge $10 as a fee against debit card payments & such payments shall be updated same day before the closing time of business.

Payment by Mail

The payments made through mail if received after 5pm will be updated next day. The mailing address is:

Kohls payment center
P.O. Box No 2983
Milwaukee, WI 53201-2983
Payment through store

The customer can make payment directly in store using check, cash, debit card & money order. Payments shall be accepted till the close timings of the store & shall be updated same day.

Note: It is to be noted that maximum amount limit that can be paid to Kohls charge using online, phone or mail service is $3000. If payment is more than this amount limit, it is required to be separated & scheduled on different days or split payments can be made using different methods of payment.

Go for paperless bills

If a customer wish to opt out of receiving paper statements, following steps are required:

  • Sign in to My Kohls Charge
  • Select Account maintenance tab & choose Paperless Preferences from drop down list.
  • Click on option to receive electronic statements & enter email address in required field on which customer wishes to receive the statement.
  • Agree to the terms of e-receiving of statement & click submit to confirm the selection

Note: If the account has zero balance & no activity has been undertaken, no statement shall be sent.

The customer can also choose to opt for Autopay method under which payment shall be automatically deducted every month from the mentioned source.

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