Dish network is the third largest TV network provider located in US. It offers satellite TV channels & Digital TV channels to its customers. The customer is required to get an online ID to access his account with my dish & avail various benefits. The online access helps the customers in paying bills online; manage their equipment, avail HD service & other internet services. The customers availing the services of dish network are in millions. It has provided employment to around 24000 employees.?

Registration process of (my account)

The customer is required to get himself register in order to manage his account online or making payments using online my dish services. Following steps are required for registration process:

  • Follow the link
  • Following scree will appear & on the top left corner of the page click ?My dish? link


  • A new screen will appear on which click ?My account? tab appearing at left top corner of the page

my acc

  • A log in screen will appear. Since the customer is not registered with my dish, he is required to click on ?Create online ID? tab appearing at right side of the page.


  • A registration page will be opened where customer will be asked to identify dish account by selecting any one identity to be provided. The customer can either provide phone number, account number or receiver number.


  • After identification, the customer is required to verify himself by providing any one form of information asked in the screen above. He is required to provide either 4-digit security code, last 4 digits of social security number or email option.
  • After identifying & verifying himself the customer is required to click on ?continue? tab
  • The registration process is completed & confirmation message shall be sent to customer?s email-id.

After getting registered, the customer can login to my dish account for availing benefit of various services provided to a registered user. The customer is just required to enter user name & password & click on ?Sign in? tab to proceed further.


Bill Payment options

The customer has many options for making payment against my dish account such as online payment, payment using phone service, payment through mail & payment in person.

Online payment through? myaccount

  • Go to
  • Following screen will appear, enter the registered online ID & password & click on ?Log in? tab


  • The customer can access ?My account? service after signing in to My Dish. Go to ? My account? tab & click ?Pay my bill?. Follow the instructions & enter the required details to complete the payment process.
  • A confirmation screen will appear after payment is completed. The confirmation number must be recorded for future reference.

Payment through phone

If a customer do not have internet access, can avail this phone option for making payment of bill. The customer is required to make a call on Tel:?(800) 333-3474. The customer can either choose to pay bill through automated system or may take the help of customer service representative. He is required to follow the instructions until payment is completed & provide necessary information asked during payment process. After completion of payment a reference number will be provided as confirmation that payment has been made.

Payment through mail

The mail option can also be used for making bill payment to my dish. The customer will prepare a check or money order payable to ?Dish? & will mention his account number at the back of check or money order so that payment is credited against right account. To find out the address at which mail is to be sent can be find out by visiting the link Under ?By mail? section choose the state from drop down list. The address will appear after selecting the particular state. It is to be noted that it takes generally 10 days in processing of payment. The customer must sent the payment keeping sufficient margin befor due date of bill so that any delay in payment can be avoided.

Payment in person

The customer can opt for making payment in person at store located nearby.

Visit the above link to search the nearby location for making payment in person

Payment through text message

The customer for using this option is required to get his cell phone number registered with My dish. He is required to go to the link to get his cell phone registeres. He is required to send a text message ?PAY BILL to DISH1? (34741) & payment shall be debited from recently used payment method.

Enrollment to Auto pay method

The customer can enroll himself to auto pay method which relieves him from remembering the due date of bill every month. Following process is required to get enrolled for auto pay method:

  • Visit the link & under ?My Account? tab select ?My Preferences? link.
  • Following screen will appear, enter user id & password & click ?log in? tab


  • Select ? Automatically pay my bill and do not send me a paper bill? under E-bill auto pay & enter the payment source from which payment shall be deducted every month.Click ?submit? tab

The customer can also remove himself from auto pay option by deselect ? Automatically pay my bill and do not send me a paper bill?

Support services

My dish also provides customer as well as technical support for their clients. Following are the address and contact number which can be used by customer for resolving their queries:

Customer and technical support

Phone no. tel: 800-333-3474 (between 7 a.m. to 1 a.m.) (7days/week)

Email- [email protected]

Note that technical support representative are available 24 hours for serving their clients.

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