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Cricket Wireless is a US based Wireless service Provider Company that offers its users with the facilities of Voice, Text and Data. It supports devices having GSM, 2G, 3G, HSPA+, and 4G LTE network. It provides numerous payment options that make the billing procedure really simple and straightforward. Its multiple payment options allow you to enjoy their telecom services without any complication. To know more about the services you can visit their website . For assistance regarding payment options you can also visit their website .


How to register at

If you are a user of Cricket Wireless service you can register on their website and enjoy the various perks it provides you with. The website provides us with various billing options. To register you are required to follow the following procedure:

  • Visit the link
  • On the following page you are required to click on the Register or Sign In option appearing on the top-left of the page to get yourself registered.
  • If you are an existing user you can sign in by filling in your details and if you are a new user you can click on Register to sign up on the website.


After clicking Register you are directed to a page where you are required to enter your valid Cricket Wireless mobile number and your username. Then you have to fill up an anti-bot captcha and move to the next step by clicking on Continue

  • You are then required to follow the provided instructions i.e. fill in your details and set up a password to complete the registration process.
  • You can also register by downloading the My Cricket App On your smartphone.
  • Once you have registered you can then access your account by directly moving to the link where you can view and pay your bill and also interact with various features like Auto-Pay, Add a line, Usage Details & set up payment methods for various packages.


If you have any query related to my account functions you can call their customer support number Tel: 1-800-CRICKET (274-2538) or 611 from your phone. You can also log onto for support.

Direct link to my account used to


Payment Options

You can complete your payments to Cricket Wireless by various methods facilitated by the company. The payment options provided by the company are Online Payment, Quick Pay Option, and Payment through My Cricket app, BridgePay and also by making a payment in person on authorized Cricket stores & Payment Stores.


Cricketwireless Online Payment

For making an online payment you are required to login to your registered account on Once you have reached you have to follow these steps:

  • The amount to be paid is visible on the account page. Click on Pay Now to pay the bill.
  • You are then directed towards a page where you are asked to choose the method of your transaction. You can pay via Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Gift Cards and Cricket Refill Cards.
  • Once you have selected the mode of payment you have to fill in the required details and then the payment will be processed depending on your option.

The Online Payment provides you with an option of setting up auto payment. In this you have to enter your details once and then sign up for Auto Payment, then you will be charged automatically on a monthly basis and the money will be credited from your card. Plus, it also makes you eligible to attain Auto Pay credits.

Quick Pay

The Quick Pay option adds an easier payment method. This requires no registration of account. To use Quick Pay option, follow the given steps:

  • Go to
  • On the top navigation bar, you will find Quick Pay, Click on the link.
  • First you have to enter your phone number and name. Then you can pay with a credit card or Cricket Refill card.
  • To pay with the credit card, enter the payment information and captcha. You can then review the payment and submit. Then your transaction will be completed.
  • To pay with the Cricket Refill Card, you just have to fill your phone number, Cricket Refill card number and captcha and then click on Validate. You can then verify the payment and submit. Then your transaction will be completed.

My Cricket App

You can also complete your payment by downloading the My Cricket App on Google Play Store, Apple App Store or Windows Store. The app allows you to view your data usage, view your current plan, and make payments. To make a payment using the app follow these steps:

  • Register on or on the My Cricket App.
  • After registration is completed move on to the Pay tab. Here you can process your payment and pay via Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Gift Cards and Cricket Refill Cards.


The app also allows you to set up the auto payment option.

Bridge Pay

Bridge Pay gives you the flexibility of making your bill into two easy payments whenever you need a few more days to complete your payment. To activate Bridge Pay, make the first Bridge Pay payment at a Cricket Store or by calling Tel:1-800-CRICKET(1-800-274-2538). You are then provided with a seven day extension within which you can complete make your second payment otherwise your account will be suspended.

  • To activate Bridge Pay, you’ll need to pay a$5 Bridge Pay activation fee, plus the minimum payment due for each line on your account.
  • If you make a Bridge Pay payment before your due date then your second payment is due seven days from the monthly pay date.
  • If you make a Bridge Pay payment after your due date then your second payment is due seven days after the first Bridge Pay payment date.

Cricket Payment in Person

Another way of completing the payment is by going to the authorized Cricket Stores or Payment Centers along with your bill and makes a payment using Credit Card, Debit Card or Gift Card in person.


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