MAPFRE Insurance Bill Payment

MAPFRE Insurance has become the largest provider of insurance products throughout the United States including automobiles, homes, motorcycles; watercraft and businesses, as well as term life insurance The company has headquarters in Webster, Massachusetts, United States. This multinational organization has been ranked by Fortune and Forbes as among the 500 best and most admired companies in the world. The company has marked its presence in 5 continents, 49 countries, with about 51,000 agents worldwide. The company has laid down easy and secure paperless online procedures so that right policy term and coverage amount are quickly assessed and purchased.

Online Registration with MAPFRE Insurance

With the access of online accounts, the customers can easily manage their account details, if have to make any changes or even pay their premium amounts with a click. This has proved to be a paperless money and time saving convenient tool for all. They can follow the steps to be registered.

 log in

  • If a new account to be registered, then click on sign up for account just below the login button
  • The next page will prompt for the customers details as the name, email address and the policy number. It will also ask to create one password for the account for security reasons.


  • Press Next
  • The next page will prompt to answer some security questions to avoid any kind of mishandling
  • Press next and the registration would be complete
  • A confirmation is sent on the email address given.


Payment option pay bill page

The company offers various payment plans to the customers at as per their convenience, as even to spread the amount in installments.

1. Automatic Payment Plan (EFT)-

This is a time saving and easy monthly payment plan avoiding the hassle of mailing the amounts with every month the premium amount is deducted from the account automatically from a checking or statement savings account on a chosen date. All the details are sent to the customer at least 10 days before the first deduction. You can also deactivate this payment plan by accessing to the link bill payment.

  • This plan involves a minimum deduction amount of $5.01.
  • A monthly service fee of $1.00 is levied on Personal Automobile policies and Homeowner policies.
  • Here the customer has to note that deductions are not made from the passbook savings accounts.

To enroll in the EFT payment plan, the customers can follow the steps as under-

  • You can login to your created MAPFRE account or a new account to be set up as explained above

Press Next

  • After signing in, click on Online services
  • The next page will prompt to fill the EFT Authorization form on the right side under Related Forms on this page
  • The form has to be completed with the required information and it has to be mailed to MAPFRE Insurance, 11 Gore Road, Webster, MA 01570.

2. Payment in full

This plan implies that the premium amount is paid fully (the entire amount) to avoid any kind of fees or service charges and is applicable for all policies.


3. 11 Payment Plans

This is for the Personal Auto and Homeowners Policies and for commercial policies. This plan includes the following-

If the policy is new, then after down payment, the policy is followed by ten installments

If the policy is renewed, then premium is payable in eleven monthly installments.

The services fees are applicable in this payment plan


4. 3 Payment Plan

This option is applicable for Homeowners and Umbrella Policies. It includes-

In three installments, the premium amount to be paid from the start of the policy and every 90 days subsequently.

Services fees are levied in the last two bills


5. One Time Payment

The customers can also click on the link and by entering the policy number can easily pay the amount online.


Agent Finder

The agents are helpful to the customers in advising for the best suitable company’s product at the best price and in providing personalized services for any of their concerns. Various agents are located throughout Massachusetts and New Hampshire and can be found out as explained below in the defined area.

Find an Agent

  • You are required to enter the zip code or city and the state and press Go
  • It will provide the list of the agents with whom you can contact with and find the best possible policies as per the needs
  • To access your agency?s MAPFRE insurance websites, the customers can log in to the link and enter the state name and the websites are displayed.




MAPFRE Insurance Agent login

The agents associated with the company can also log into the website to check for the insureds information by clicking the link

  • If its a first time user then the agent has to enter the agency code and the last four (4) digits of the social security number
  • If you’ve logged in before, then password to be entered



Contact Points

  • Phone numbers– The customers can call at Tel: 1-800-922-8276 (for MASSACHUSETTS); Tel: 1-800-513-4813 (for NEW HAMPSHIRE).The customer service executives are available from Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. EST however the automated services are available 7 days a week. 24 hours a day.
  • Email address They can mail at [email protected] or contact your MAPFRE Independent Agent.For general billing questions or comments, you can email at [email protected]

If the customers require their agent’s contact information, they can email at [email protected] with the details like name of the agency, your full name and policy number.


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