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Green Mountain Energy is an American company that deals in electricity products, carbon offsets, and finding sustainable solutions to residential and commercial customers. The company started in 1997 in Vermont and their mission has always been establishing a system to provide its customers with simple and efficient choices to use the power resources. Green Mountain Energy is fully dedicated in providing everyone with a clean and green environment and it also encourages everyone to do the same. The company lives on the motto Cleaner energy means a cleaner world, to follow this Green Mountain Energy has been using natural resources like sun, wind and water to provide energy. Green Mountain Energy has now become the nation’s longest serving longest serving renewable energy retailer. To know more about the Mission, Impact and Sustainability of Green Mountain Energy you can use this link .  Green Mountain Energy provides its customers with the best services and allows them to make a payment in many ways. These include Online Payment at, Payment by Phone, Payment by Mail, Payment in Person, Payment Arrangements and Budget Billing.

How to register at

To make a payment online you are required to register online at the company website . By registering online you also enroll yourself to receive many other company benefits. To register, you are required to follow these steps:
Visit the link

  • Click on the ‘My Account’ Option on the top left of the screen. You can reach their directly by going to this link
  • Here you are required to choose the state you live in and also select your utility whether residential or commercial. After selecting, click on ‘Go’.


  • Now you will be lead to the login/ Register stage. If you are already registered on the website you can log in by entering your User Name or Account Number and Password. If you are new to this section click on the option ‘Register Now’.

Register Now

  • You will be then lead to a page where you need to enter you Account Number, Last Name on Account and E-mail address. You are also required to setup a Username and Password for further login processes.


  • After filling in all the details click on ‘Next’ to move to the next registration step and enter in the required information to complete the registration on the website.

Payment Options

To support their customers in the best way possible, Green Mountain Energy provides its customers with many methods to make a payment as per their convenience. These include online payment at, Payment by Phone, Payment by Mail, Payment in Person, Payment Arrangements and Budget Billing. If you require any assistance regarding registration or payment options you can contact the customer service by finding the contact method according to your area on the following link . You can contact the company either by calling them on phone or by writing an E-mail to them highlighting your issue.

Online Payment

You can make an online payment to Green Mountain Energy by logging into your account on . The payment can be made using your current checking or savings bank account. A credit card or debit card can also be used to complete the payment. Third party websites like also allow you to make an online payment to Green Mountain Energy.

Payment by Phone

Green Mountain Energy provides its customers with a convenient way of using their phone to make the payment. Customers can call on Tel: 866-785-4668 and make the bill payment by selecting the pay my bill option. This payment can be made using your current checking or savings account or by using a credit card or debit card. This method however adds upon an addition transaction fee of $5.95 for making the payment by phone.

Payment by Mail

If you are unable to make the payment online or by phone you can mail the payment in the form of checks or money orders. This payment option is however only available in Texas and New York. You can mail your checks and money orders to the following address:
Green Mountain Energy – Texas
PO Box 660305
Dallas, TX 75266-0305

Since the payment is made using a check or a money order, the transaction takes a few extra days to process. So it is advised to send in the checks a few days prior to the due date

Payment in Person

A payment can be made in person at your nearest CheckFreePay Agent location. You can find your nearest CheckFreePay agent. A standard fee will be deducted if you use this payment option. Once the payment is processed, you will receive a receipt as proof of the payment. Notify Green Mountain Energy of all the payments by letting them know of the payment and receipt number. It is advised to keep this receipt safely as a form of proof for further references.

Payment Arrangement

You can pay your overdue payments to Green Mountain Energy over a period of time. You can make the payment for the due amount any time convenient to you. To enroll for this you need to get yourself registered for the E-billing option available on the website.

Budget Billing

Budget Billing is an option where you can make out a plan and pay a specific amount each month so that the entire due amount can be easily settled in the next month. This is a very useful option as it supports your budget and you can pay your bills to Green Mountain Energy as per your convenience.
If you are facing any problems or require any support, you can call on the company customer service number Tel: 866-767-5817 or you can write your queries in the form of an e-mail and send it to [email protected].
If you fail to make the payment before the due date, an additional late payment fees will be added upon your bill.
Also if there is a case of returned checks or account infractions, a penalty fees will be imposed.
The penalty fees imposed is 5% of the past due balance as late charge.

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