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Life insurance always means providing a financial security to your family members, especially when you are the primary source of income for your family. For more than sixty years now, Global Life and Accident Insurance Company has been one of the prominent life insurance companies in the United States providing a wide range of insurance products. This Oklahoma based company provides life and health insurance coverage to over 3.9 million policyholders in mainly 5 categories-

  • Adult life insurance
  • Children life insurance
  • Accidental death insurance
  • Mortgage protection
  • Medicare supplement

There are no family policies available from Globe Life Insurance Company but all the family members can be covered on individual policies. In this article we will show you how to pay  Globeontheweb.com bill through some different ways.

Online Account Registration with Globeontheweb.com eservicecenter

The registered policyholders enjoy several benefits by enrolling online as described below:

  • View the account details
  • Make any changes in the account quickly
  • Pay the premiums easily online
  • Review the account and payment history
  • Can apply for an insurance plan
  • The policy information is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from anywhere, anytime with no service cost

There are some simple steps to follow to get enrolled online with www.globeontheweb.com eservicecenter as explained below:

log in

  • Press Register Now tab on the below right side of the page

Register Now

  • Then it will prompt to enter an email address and choose a password and click on Continue tab

Continue tab

  • Then fill the information as asked for like your policy number, name and date of birth


  • Verify the details and click the Submit tab
  • A confirmation will be sent that the registration is completed


Payment methods

The policyholders have been given several options to pay their insurance premium as per their convenience as discussed below. However none of the payment methods allows cash transactions. As per their ease and comfort they can select the payment method, whether the old way or new, fast technology

  • Pay by Phone
  • Pay by Mail
  • Online Payments – eservicecenter.globeontheweb.com

Paying over the phone:

  • The customers can contact global life insurance’s toll free number Tel: 1-800-811-3927 between 7:30am to 4:30pm CST, Monday through Friday ( otherwise automated system to be used)and make their premium payments. A customer care executive will take the call and ask for some information like name, address and policy number and then the payment details
  • You have to keep in handy your account number and the numbers on the credit or debit card which you are using for the payment. Both Visa and Master card can be used
  • A confirmation code is given after the payment is processed.
  • This method is generally chosen when the due date is very close to the payment date as it is a fast, reliable and effective method

Paying via Mail:

  • The policyholders can also mail their check or money order to the following postal address of the company Global Life and Accident Insurance Company, Global Life Center, 204 N. Robinson, Oklahoma City, OK 73184
  • It should be noted here that the users need to mention the account number on the checks or money orders through which they are making payment.
  • Since this method is little time consuming as compared to others so it is not advisable for last minute or late payments. Here it should be kept in mind that it takes few days to process the payment under this option

Online Payments – eservicecenter

This is probably the best option to choose from which is simple, time saving, quick and secure. Once the account is created online, making payments is an easy job:

Login Tab

  • Go to the online premium payment page of the site
  • The next page will prompt to enter debit or credit card information or bank’s routing number and checking account number and the amount to be paid
  • Press Submit
  • Verify the information as correct and complete the payment process
  • Recurring payments can also be selected from the payment page and then choosing the date on which the payments is to be scheduled.
  • Once payment is made, you will receive an e-mail notification confirming that premium has been applied.



Setting up automatic bank draft:

This is an automatic bank payment where the amount is automatically deducted from the bank account every month on a specified date, so no worries about the last minute payments.

  • You can choose this option from the online payment page or by calling Tel: 800-811-3927 between 7:30 and 4:30. Policy number and chosen payment method (credit card and bank information) to be kept handy while making a call.
  • Payments will be deducted on the scheduled day.
  • A confirmation is sent on email address for automatic payments



Get a Quote from globeontheweb.com eservicecenter

The customer can use the link https://app.globeontheweb.com/ApplicationProfile.aspx and enter their name and address and get a rate quote on the insurance coverage plans within few minutes. Everything is handled online and through the mail.




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