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With the headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, United States, Georgia power is the largest of the four electric utilities that are owned and operated by the Southern Company. The company serves 2.36 million customers in one fifty nine counties of Georgia. The company has its own network of generating plants and hydroelectric dams and has been providing nominal cost electricity services to Georgia for more than a century now.

Online services with Mypayments Section

The online services enable the customers to start, stop and even transfer the electric services and the bill payment process with simple clicks.

  • On the home page, click on my account login. Direct link:
  • For new users, press the Register now on the right hand side
  • It will ask to enter the personal information to create a username
  • Click on submit
  • An email will be sent confirming the registration process.

Billing options

The customers are given options for Paperless bills and Budget billing as per their convenience.

  • Paperless Billing avoids the use of paper bills. They get their online, which serves the environmental factors as well.
  • Budget Billing gives the option to estimate a monthly bill on an average basis. An amount is set same for each month. It helps to balance the financial budget so that no month is over burdened by the bill.

Payment options in

Various options for paying the bills are given to the customers, which are safe, secure and convenient. They can choose themselves how and where to pay:

  • Online payments- payments are made online through debit or credit card, and checking or saving account.
  • Pay through payment locations
  • Pay by Mail
  • Pay by Phone
  • Auto Pay
  1. Online payments

The gives the customers the convenient option to pay the bills online. Even if the customer is not registered online, then also they can make the payments. Online services mainly require two details from the customer- their account number and the account access code located on the billing statement.

  • On the home page of, click on the left side of the page Pay Bill.
  • It will take to the login page. The customer has to click on Login if they are the registered users.
  • The username and password has to be added
  • If the customer wants to save the username for future use, they can click on remember my username
  • Then press the Login
  • On the left side of the page then click on Pay Bill
  • The page will ask to enter the payment information as the amount to be paid and the account details from where the payment is made.
  • Click on Submit.
  • It will then ask to verify all the details entered and then click submit to confirm the payment.

When the customer is not a registered user, they can follow the steps:

  • They can click on Pay bills on the home page and under the heading Not registered user enter the Account number and the Access code.
  • Click on Next
  • The payment details to be added and press Submit to complete the payment process.

Online services also gives the option for an onetime payment-either on the my account page under the section- Pay My Bill, the users can pay via checking account by entering their bank account details or Bill matrix service using the credit or debit card. To choose for bill matrix service, the customer has to pay a security deposit. By dialing the number TEL: 1800 672 2402 they can make the payments using their checking or saving account.

Even through your android mobile phones or tablets, using the Georgia Power for Android app, you can login and access the online account.

With a single click, you can check the account balance, make the payments, view the account summary or even locate the payment centre

Georgia Power Adress For Payments

The customers are given the option to personally visit the location centre and make their bill cash payments. On the home page options, by entering the address or zip code, they can locate the nearby centre and make the payment with no transaction fees. The payment is immediately posted in the account.

It will great to know that now debit and credit cards are also accepted at some locations.

By Mail

The customers can mail their payments at the following address:

Georgia Power Payments
96 Annex
Atlanta, Georgia 30396

The account number has to be mentioned in the mail. It takes 3 to 5 business days for payments to be posted in the account. Phone number for Payments

You can also make the bill payments over the phone by dialing the number Tel: 1-800-672-2402. This service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The user has to be ready with the Georgia Power account number over the phone and while using their debit or credit card a nominal amount of fee is charged.

Auto pay /paperless

This option enables the user to get their money deducted from the checking or savings account monthly automatically on the same day each month and there is no charge for this service. The customer will receive the bill every month but instead of “Please Pay By” on the bill, it will show the date when your bank account will be debited for the bill amount. The user do not worry about the late fees charged.

  • On the page, under Pay bill, on the left side click on Auto pay
  • The username and password to be entered to sign up for auto pay.


  • All the bank account details to be added from where the payment will be deducted every month

Contact points of

Residential Customer Service

1-888-660-5890, 24hrs/7days
Business Customer Service
M-F/7am – 7pm EST

Website Assistance

The customers can email their inquiries at [email protected]

Using the link the customers can enter their details and ask any of their questions.

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