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Credit acceptance is an American based company providing financial services to their customers. It enables customers to buy vehicles on easy installments & improve their credibility. Credit acceptance deals with large number of dealers through which they sell vehicles to customers. Credit acceptance also offers wide range of online services & payment options. By getting himself registered at the customer can view his statements, update his contact details, and check his account balance & many other options. Various payment methods provided by credit acceptance have made payment process easy & simple for customers.

How to get register with credit acceptance

The customer must obtain login credentials to enjoy the benefits of online services offered by credit acceptance. Following is the procedure fro registration:

  • Go to
  • Click on Find your Credentials tab
  • Following page will appear where customer is required to fill the personal details & get register as member.
  • Click continue tab to proceed further & follow the instructions until registration process is completed

After getting registered as member with credit acceptance, the customer can enjoy following benefits:

  • Schedule a payment
  • Update his details
  • View his payment history & statements
  • Order a coupon book
  • Contact customer service department

Payment methods accepted at page

There are various payment options provided to customers which they can choose as per their ease. The customer can make payment in person by visiting a nearby store through cash, check or money order. The check can be dropped in drop box also instead of making payment at customers desk. He can use mail option or phone option for making payment. The online banking service can also be used by customer for paying credit acceptance bills. He can either choose to make automatic payments or can make one time payments. Following are the payment methods explained in detail:

Online payment option

Credit acceptance offers easy online bill payment option to their customers. The customer must have registered online account at online payment page. After getting online access, customer will sign in to his account & make the payment. Following is the procedure:

  • Go to
  • Following page will appear where customer is required to choose Make a Payment tab
  • The customer has a choice of making either one Time payment or set up automatic payments as shown in the image below:
  • The customer will choose payment method as per his choice. Following screen will appear. The customer will select Go Now tab
  • In the next step customer will enter his account number & last 4 digits of Social security number. Click submit tab
  • The account web page of customer will get open where customer will go to payment section. He will enter the payment details such as bill amount & bank details. He will verify his information & if everything is correct, he will submit his payment
  • A confirmation will be sent to customer ensuring that payment process has been completed.
  • Under automatic payment set up customer is required to provide the payment source & get enrolled for auto pay option. The payment will be automatically deducted every month from his bank account. The customer is not required to remember due date every month or prepare checks or money order for payment. This option can be cancelled anytime by signing in to his account and cancel the enrollment.

Automated phone service

Credit acceptance provides phone automated system service for their customers. Those who do not have internet access can use phone service for making payment. He is required to make a call on Tel: 1-800-634-1506 & follow the instructions until the payment process is completed. The customer must keep his account number & bank details ready before making call so that any kind of interruption can be avoided. The phone automated service of credit acceptance is available for 24 hours. The customer can also take the assistance of service representative for paying bill. This service is available between 8 am to 11 pm. For availing phone automated system $4 will be charged from customer & for $10 will be charged if customer takes the assistance of service representative.

Payment through mobile device

The customer is provided the option of making payment using their mobile devices. Credit acceptance mobile app is required to be downloaded by customer in their mobile devices for availing this option. This mobile app is available for Android & iOS devices. The customer will sign in with his login credentials through this app & make the payment.


Mail payment service

Credit acceptance also offers mail service for their customers which can be used for submitting payment. Under this method customer is required to prepare a check or money order of prescribed amount by writing account number on it. The check or money order will be sent to following address:

Credit Acceptance
P.O. Box 551888
Detroit, MI 48255-1888

Payment in person

The customer has an option to make payment in person through credit acceptance authorized payment centers, check free pay locations, money gram locations & western union locations. the address of credit acceptance payment center is :

Credit Acceptance
25505 West 12 Mile road
Southfield, MI 48034

The check free pay locations can be found out by visiting at & a fee of $ 3.50 shall be charged on payment.

For making payment at money gram locations code 4093 is used & location can be found out through the link or by calling atTel: 1.800.926.9400. A fee of $7.99 will be charged.

For making payment through Western Union location code is Acceptance MI. The location can be searched out through the link or by calling atTel: 1.800.325.6000. A fee of $8.50 will be charged from customer.

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