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Consumer energy is dedicated to supply electricity & natural gas to the people of Michigan. It is known as leading power supply plant among the 68 countries of Lower Peninsula. Various online services are offered through to the customers that make it easier for them to manage their account & make payment against bills. The customer can view his past as well as present bills, review unpaid bills & also enroll himself for auto pay & paperless billing options. The auto pay option relieves the customer from hassle of signing in to his account & pay bills as it deducts the payment automatically from the checking account of customers. The customer is first required to get register with consumers energy to avail these online services.


Procedure for registration at

The customer can manage his account online only after getting registered with This registered account enables the customers to avail rebates & savings & get information about them in advance. Following is the procedure for registration:

  • Follow the link
  • Click on login/create profile appearing at top right corner of the page
  • A pop up window will open; click on Create a profile link
  • In next step customer is required to create his profile by filling up the information as shown in image below. Click on continue tab after creating the profile & agreeing to the terms & conditions of registration process.
  • In next step customer will verify the information & follow the instructions till the registration process is completed.

Payment options

The customer is provided various options for making payment at consumers energy. Such options include online payment, payment through mail, and payment through phone. The customer can select any method as per his ease. For making online payment at customer is required to get himself registered first. After getting registered customer will login to his account & make payment online through his account. The methods are explained in detail as follows:

One time online payment

Under this option the customer is required to sign in to his account registered with to make payment. Following procedure is required:

  • Follow the link paybill online (Direct link:
  • Following page will appear where customer is required to choose Log in/create profile tab
  • A pop up window shall open as shown in image above where unregistered customer will choose create a profile link to get registered first while already registered customers will enter their login credentials to sign in to their account.
  • After signing in to his account, customer will click on Pay my bill now option for paying unpaid bills appearing in the account
  • Customer will enter the payment details & before finally submitting the payment, review the information once to ensure that everything is correct.
  • A confirmation message will be received after the payment is submitted to ensure that payment process has been completed.

Auto pay option

The customer can choose for auto pay option for making payment online under which payment will be automatically deducted from the source provided by the customer. The customer is not required to remember due dates or prepare check or money order every month. He is just required to enroll himself for the option by signing in to his registered account. The enrollment can be cancelled anytime the customer wishes to do so.

Payment through mail

The customer can send payment using mail service of Under this method customer is required to prepare a check or money order of bill amount & also write account number on its back to ensure that payment is credited to right account. The prepared check or money order shall be sent to following address:

Consumers Energy Payment center
PO Box 740309
Cincinnati, OH 45274-0309

The payment sent through mail may take 5-7 days to reach at its destination. The customer must keep sufficient days before due date while sending payment so that there is no delay in processing.

Payment using phone service

The phone automated system service is also made available to the customer for making payment. He is required to make a call on Tel: 866-329-9593 for making payment & follow the instructions. The customer may also take assistance of customer service representative for making payment. While calling to phone automated system, the customer will be asked for the option of speaking to service representative. Customer can choose that option in case he has any query. Before making call the customer must keep his account number & bank details ready so that there is no interruption during payment process. A confirmation number will be given to the customer after payment process is completed.

Payment through text message

The customer is required to get himself enrolled for availing this option. He will sign in to his account & get enroll himself under Billing & Payment text alerts. He will add his payment information & send a text Pay to make a payment.

Payment in person

The also offers option of making payment through authorized agents & at authorized centers. The customer can find the location by visiting the link He will visit the searched location with bill & check details to submit the payment. The confirmation receipt will also be provided to customer after the submission of payment.

Paperless statements

The customer can enroll himself for paperless option by signing in to his online account. After enrollment customer will receive e-bill every month & he can view his bills anytime by signing in to his online account. Paperless communications reduces the chances of fraud & have positive impact on environment. The enrollment can be cancelled anytime customer wishes to receive paper bills.

Customer support

Consumers energy offers customer support service for resolving the complaints & queries. The customer is required to make a call on Tel: 866-329-9593 to get any assistance related to any service.

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