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Capital one officially known as Capital One Financial Information is a US based company. It was founded in 1988 & is providing various financial services such as credit cards, home loans, auto loans & other banking services. The credit card is used for making purchases whether offline or online. The credit cards are issued to customer by bank. Various kinds of credit cards are offered by capital one which is selected by customer as per his suitability & making comparison between the benefits provided with cards. The capital one also offers various options for making payments which make payment process easy & simple for the customer.


How to apply for capital one credit card

Before applying for credit card, the customer is required to check his credit worthiness & determine which card he or she qualifies. Check the prequalification of credit card in order to find out the right card for you. The customer is required to enter his social security number to perform this operation. Compare the benefits, APR, fees & other information related to credit cards. Select the card which is suitable for you & click on Apply now tab. An application form page will appear. The customer is required to fill up the form & submit for approval. If card is approved, the intimation will be sent immediately to the email address of customer. The approval may be pending but decision will be taken within 10 days. The phone service can also be used for making credit card application. The customer is required to make a call on 1-800-903-9177 for credit card application.

The customer is also required to get his card activated by signing in to the website using registered user name & password. Further information will be asked which will be verified & if information is correct, card will be activated.

Sign up for capital one online services

For availing online bill payment services & other services such as auto pay option, view bill statements etc. the customer is required to get himself registered with capital one & obtain online access to its account. Following procedure is required for enrollment:

  • Visit the link
  • Select the Banking link from drop down list & click on link Enroll in capital one bank
  • A new screen will appear asking various information such as date of birth, social security number & 16 digit credit card number. Click on Continue tab after filling all details given on page.
  • Follow the further instructions & agree to the terms & conditions after reading them. This will complete the registration process. The customer can sign in to his account using user name & password created during registration process.


Online payment of capital one bills

The customer has the option to make online payment against capital one bills. Following procedure is required to be followed:

  • Visit the link
  • Click on credit card link appearing on left side. A drop down list will be shown
  • From drop down list choose Pay my bill link
  • A new screen will appear for signing in to the account to make payment. A new user is required to first get registered. He will click on Enroll tab.
  • The existing user can sign in using his registered user name & password.
  • After signing in to his account customer is required to follow the instruction & make the payment. A confirmation of payment will also be sent to customer on his registered email id.

Automatic bill payment

Cardholder with capital one is also provided option to make automatic payments. Under this option the customer can provide bank details through which payment shall be deducted every month. The customer can avail this option by signing in to his account & enroll for automatic payment. This option will relieve the customer from unnecessary hassle of remembering bill due date every month. The customer can cancel this enrollment whenever he feels like doing so from his online account.


Payment through phone

The capital one also provides option to the customer to make payment using phone. He is required to make call on Tel:1-800-955-7070. The payment can be done either using phone automated system or with the help of customer service representative. The customer is required to provide necessary details such as account number & bank details & follow the instructions until the payment process is completed. There are no extra charges for availing this service. The customer can note the reference number on completion of payment.


Payment through mail

The payment though mail option is also provided to customer by capital one. The customer will be required to pay postage charges under this option. He is required to prepare check or money order of bill amount & write his account number on its back so that payment is credited against right account. The payment through mail takes at least 7 days in processing, so customer must send the payment keeping this much margin before due date. The address at which mail will be sent can be found out using credit card wizard. The customer is required to enter first 6 digits of credit card number & click Go tab.


Payment using Mobile app

The capital one provides option to customer to make payment using their mobile app. The customer can not only make payment through app but can also check his account details. The mobile app is available for iOS & android devices. The customers can also use this mobile service directly through mobile site of capital one without downloading the app. He is simply required to login & follow the instructions to make the bill payment. The auto pay option can also be enrolled using mobile app.


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